Operations Supervisor

Las Vegas, NV

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  • Posted on September 09, 2017

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Job Description

Operations Supervisor

Company Overview: C3 is a global provider of contact center services for corporations who view customer care as a strong component of their growth and brand development strategies.  C3 builds solid partnerships with its clients based on mutually determined business objectives.  Our service offerings include; contact center services, web services, data analysis, back office solutions and consulting services.  Although C3 is a global organization, the company prides itself on delivering boutique level client service aboard a foundation of operationally and technologically sound practices on par with any of the other leading providers in the industry. Consistency across our centers, regardless of geography, is at the core of our operating philosophy.

Position Purpose:  The Operations Supervisor is responsible for the daily supervision and management of a team of associates.  The primary role of the Supervisor is that of coach and teacher to ensure that the agent meets or exceeds the standards set forth by C3 and the client.

Reports To: Operations Manger


Job Responsibilities

  1. Monitor, track and evaluate associate performance based upon pre-determined Key Performance Indicators (KPI’S) and provide personal feedback to associate to ensure all goals are met and C3 standards are adhered to.

  2. Be the constant presence on the production floor and actively interact with associates to ensure they are engaged in productive work and systems are functioning properly.

  3. Ensure that underperforming associates meet client expectations through the creation and implementation of written action plans.

  4. Resolve customer escalations.

  5. Participate in associate selection and interviewing process.

  6. Provide on-the-job or up-training as necessary to enable associates to meet C3 and client expectations.




  1. A minimum of one year experience in customer service or sales.

  2. Previous call center experience preferred.

  3. Prior supervisory or leadership experience preferred.

  4. High school diploma or GED required; 2 years college or more preferred.

  5. Proficiency in working in a Windows-based computer environment.

  6. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, especially MS Word and Excel.

  7. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  8. Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

  9. Schedule flexibility.

  10. Analytical and problem-solving skills.

  11. Strong ability to multitask.

  12. Ability to function in a fast paced environment.

  13. Dependability regarding completion of assignments and attendance.

  • Posted at C3/CustomerContactChannels
  • Posted in Las Vegas, NV
  • Posted on September 09, 2017

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