Trading/Research Programmer Analyst

Stamford, Connecticut

  • Posted in Stamford, Connecticut
  • Posted on December 17, 2015
  • Salary $ 125,000

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Job Description

Our front office technology team is offering a new opportunity for an up and coming programmer with a sincere interest in creating IT solutions for finance.

You’ll start by working with the lead developer and a senior team; building and enhancing applications, utilities & services used by our research group and trading desks.  You'll gather requirements from our traders and code every day to fulfill ad hoc requests, but will also leverage our offshore team on more demanding projects.  We are genuinely Agile, often delivering results in a day.  Expect to interact heavily with high profile users, accomplishing frequent goals for the business.

Our technology stack is mostly desktop/application focused including C# front-end and back-end Java.  We also utilize Python, VBA/Excel and Matlab to support research & traders.

By year one, we expect you to have innovated how these time critical requests are delivered, automate repetitive jobs and have had a direct impact on our business.  As a private company we are much more entrepreneurial than an investment bank.  You'll be given ownership over projects and will build on your coding expertise by working with other languages.  We'll then give you the freedom to choose your own path.  Grow into management, become a hands-on guru or even shift out of IT and onto a trading desk.

About us:

We have small technology teams that focus on their own areas but help each other whenever necessary.  Management encourages aggressive learning  and exploring your interests.  This is reflected in the freedom to move into other groups.  Our C-suite is results and accountability oriented, so everyone’s contributions are recognized.


  • Recent undergraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering or related field.
  • Experience delivering frequent, smaller projects vs. big releases
  • Exposure to different coding languages, preferably not web since we build desktop trading applications & utilities
  • Front end experience with front-end C# or back-end Java but more importantly, an agnostic view and ability to learn how to program in other languages
  • A foundation in trading and exposure to VBA is nice to have however we can teach that
  • Posted in Stamford, Connecticut
  • Posted on December 17, 2015
  • Salary $ 125,000

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