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Tucson, AZ

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Job Description

Director of Training

Company Overview

C3 is a global provider of contact center services for corporations who view customer care as a strong component of their growth and brand development strategies.  C3 builds solid partnerships with its clients based on mutually determined business objectives.  Our service offering includes contact center services, web services, data analysis, back office solutions and consulting services.  Although C3 is a global organization, the company prides itself on delivering boutique level client service aboard a foundation of operationally and technologically sound practices on par with any of the other leading providers in the industry. Consistency across our centers, regardless of geography, is at the core of our operating philosophy.




Position Purpose


The Training Director is responsible for assessing the training needs of the company in order to create training programs and solutions. The Director will strategically design an effective training department; training programs, and training best practices that align with business requirements.  Responsible for developing train-the-trainer programs to ensure that all training resources are available for rapid deployment throughout global sites. The Director will be responsible for identifying short and long term department training needs; identifying any gaps for successful launch of each program. The Training Director will have an integral role in the management and direction of global training solutions.



  1. Develops and manages strong training teams (i.e. hires, trains, appraises, rewards motivates, etc.) ensuring that appropriate subject knowledge and skills are developed within each individual

  2. Designs an effective training strategy and develops the company training department

  3. Creation and development of all training materials including trainer auditing guides, participant materials, and survey systems

  4. Facilitates the planning and delivery of programs and strategies jointly with local and corporate stakeholders

  5. Manages, plans, coordinates, and directs all training activities designed to promote continuous service

  6. Design and implement policies and procedures to ensure that training quality standards are met

  7. Manages all site Training Managers and responsible for overall team onsite, cross-site and cross functional Trainers to meet the client specific requirements

  8. Responsible for driving results, creating reports, managing and enhancing tools to measure and encourage effective training programs

  9. Responsible for the delivery of training programs that enhance retention rates, by increasing morale and overall skillset of new hires

  10. Responsible for effective interface with operations management and to provide 360 feedback and process improvement training

  11. Manage the coordination of activities of the departments with responsibility for results, including costs, methods, and staffing

  12. Works on issues of diverse scope, where analysis of situation or data requires evaluation of a variety of factors, including an understanding of current business trends

  13. Manages the operation of the organization's closed loop program wherein training quality, and operations.

  14. Identifies the interface of key activities within and between the functions of the organization

  15. In conjunction with supervisors and management team, work with team members in the continued development of associates to reach optimal performance

  16. Work with supervisors and management to ensure that all associates are meeting quality standards through effective communication between training and quality

  17. Track trends and make recommendations for new best practices and technology

  18. Attrition focus at sites

    1. Root cause analysis

    2. Action planning

    3. Partnership with TA and operations

  19. Trainer performance reporting scorecard

  20. Training manager scorecards

  21. Trainer Development

  22. Training Manager Development

  23. Training Manager Accountability

  24. Strategic planning for training resources

  25. 360 degree surveys of Training Manager Performance -site directors, HR Manager, Quality Manager, Ops Managers

  26. Closed Loop Process –Quality, Training, and Operations

Leadership Attributes

  1. Confident, self-starter, proactive – skilled in taking initiative, assessing requirements

  2. Developing and effectively executing programs

  3. A high level of energy with a results-driven attitude in a fast-paced environment

  4. Demonstrates a high degree of adaptability, comfortable in establishing new direction, managing rapid change

  5. Possesses excellent interpersonal skills. Builds and maintains positive, productive relationships with peers, colleagues, operational managers, consultants, vendors and clients

  6. Comfortable and experienced operating in an outcome oriented environment

  7. Able to translate, articulate, simplify and communicate complex business and technical functions to audiences with different levels of expertise

  8. Able to maintain an effective organization structure that reflects C3’s requirements for quality and training programs

  9. Excellent management skills in a global multi-location environment with an emphasis on people, skills and a "roll up your sleeves" management style

  10. Superior organization skills

  11. Ability to handle multiple tasks in a high paced work environment

  12. Able to thrive in an environment with regularly changing priorities

  13. Ability to adapt and acquire new skills quickly

  14. Excellent written and oral English communication skills including ability to plan and deliver effective presentations


  1. Bachelor’s degree  in education, adult training or equivalent experience

  2. Training, Quality experience in project management principles a plus

  3. 10 + yrs. in Training, Quality and or Call Center Operations Management

  4. Self-starter who continually drives improvement and best practices

  5. Technical competence (thorough understanding or software, hardware, networks etc.)

  • Posted at C3/CustomerContactChannels
  • Posted in Tucson, AZ
  • Posted on September 07, 2017

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